Upholstery Repair


We have achieved extensive expertise in providing the all kind of upholstery repair services commercial as well as individual requirements.

Our working phas

  1. Servicing all kinds of furniture
  2. Supreme wash of whole upholstery by relevant chemicals
  3. Replacement of upholstery
  4. Furniture is repaired and renovated in the way the customer wishes
  5. We offer the life long services
  6. Upholstery repair is offered for the household and workplaces.
  7. Expert painting service
  8. Glazing

Internal services

  1. Dismantle and reassemble the furniture
  2. Repair the old and novel furniture upholstery
  3. Repair and replacement of upholstery
  4. Packing and delivering the household items
  5. Chairs, Car Seats and sofa repair
  6. Frame polish

Furniture disassembly and reassembly is not possible for everyone. Our Upholstery repairs Leeds professionals carry the complete array of equipments and possess vital expertise to disassemble and reassemble the furniture.

Reasons to choose us

  1. We are accompanied with the required tools
  2. Sufficient experience and knowledge
  3. We provide the upholstery repair in the shortest interval of time.

leather-repair-servcieIn order to make your furnishing items clean and healthy, you need adequate cleaning services. The clean and nourished furniture placed in your office provides incomparable image to your office. We take care of the environment sustenance, there we avoid using the toxic chemicals for furniture cleaning instead, we choose the non toxic and biodegradable cleaning products. Generally the chemicals used by the service provide often cause irritation or allergy when come in human contact.

Our Furniture repairs Leeds take care of your upholstery and provide the regular cleaning services and also suggest you the best cleaning techniques that help you in the maintenance and clean the furniture surfaces. Also you come to know about the quality cleaning products that should be chosen for the quality cleaning of furniture.  We know better how to clean you upholstery without causing any damage to fabric.

Many furniture items primarily, if these are excellent quality, last for long. However after few years, the upholstery wears and tears due to many reasons especially if these are not maintained carefully. These lose their appealing look as well as comfort level as provided when these were new. In order to get back the charming appearance of your upholstery as well as make it look like new once again, our upholstery repair professionals help you in an excellent manner by providing the smart repair of your furniture.